for iPhone and iPad Touch

Kilowatts is an easy-to-use tool for measuring your home electrical power use in real time. Kilowatts allows you to take precise measurements from the electric meter outside your home and gives you immediate feedback on your energy use.

The Kilowatts electric meter reader is a great tool to help you lower your utility bills and increase the energy efficiency of your home. See how much electricity is being used during different family activities. Find out what the energy wasters in your home are. Measure the energy savings from replacing or changing the settings on your appliances, installing compact fluorescent light bulbs or making other changes to your home.

Kilowatts does not require that you alter or even touch your electric meter. You simply need to time the rotation of the dial in the meter. (Please note that Kilowatts works only with a conventional electric meter with a rotating disc that indicates power use. It cannot be used with the newer, digital electrical meters.)

To set up Kilowatts to take accurate readings, just enter a single number that can be found printed on the front of your power meter. Then measure your energy use anytime you wish with two taps on the screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch. Kilowatts reports the number of Watts of electrical power that is currently being used.

Kilowatts makes monitoring your home energy use easy!

Using Kilowatts

Setting up the app to make accurate readings requires two steps:

1) Find the ‘Kh’ value for your electric meter. This number will be printed on the front of your meter. An example is shown below. A Kh value of 7.2 is very common. Other common values are 1.8 and 3.6, but many different Kh values exist.
 Pasted Graphic
2) Enter the Kh value into the app on the setup page. Access the setup page by pressing the ‘Info’ button on the lower right corner of the main screen.

Once you have entered the Kh value, press the ‘Done’ button in the upper right corner of the setup screen, and Kilowatts is ready to use.

The rotating dial on your meter has a large black marker on it that allows you to time the rotations of the dial. To make measurements, wait until this marker has become visible, then tap your iPhone screen once when the marker has reached the exact center of the visible part of the dial. (The center position is usually marked on the face of the meter.) When the dial has made exactly one rotation and the marker has returned to the center position, tap the screen again. Kilowatts will then display the number of Watts of electric power that is being used.

Please note that If your home is using very little electric power at the time of your measurement, you might have to wait over a minute (possibly even several minutes) for the dial to make a complete rotation. Conversely, if a great deal of power is being used and the dial is spinning rapidly, you might need to take several measurements and average them to get the most accurate result.